Property Management Success Comes with Investing in Your Team

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Picture taken at our annual Management Training Conference (MTC) in Scottsdale, Arizona

Picture was taken at our annual Management Training Conference (MTC) in Scottsdale, Arizona

As part of the JLL Property Management team, we pride ourselves on offering the very best support to our many clients across the world who place their trust in us to manage their expansive properties. Our goal with our clients is to be an optimal partner who is always interested in their overall success.

But, this outlook on success doesn’t stop with just our clients. We also look inward to ensure we are taking care of our own employees. After all, we can’t do the very best for our clients if we haven’t created and nurtured the highest-caliber team of employees in the business.

Here’s what sets the JLL Property Management Team apart from the rest:

  • We invest in our people. Our philosophy at JLL is to promote from within. To do this, we must constantly train and mentor our teams to help them grow professionally. We ask our employees about their professional goals and we look for opportunities to cultivate leaders from within, such as through involvement in our quarterly training programs and annual management training conference.
  • We don’t burn you out. Property management is much more than simply sitting behind the desk. You are up walking around and talking with tenants and suppliers. If you have a large amount of buildings in your portfolio, this could get daunting. At JLL, we recognize that giving employees a large number of clients spread across many geographic regions isn’t the answer. We make sure we give our team members the right client mix to keep our employees and their clients happy and feeling supported.
  • We have the right culture. Our team is always approachable and encourages employees to ask questions to understand the nuances associated with the job and industry. There’s no such thing as a “silly question” and instead, we recognize each question as a unique learning opportunity to understand our industry and clients’ needs even more.

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